Everyday thousands of companies and individuals globally compete in the aviation industry to buy, sell, lease, loan, exchange, and repair material amongst each other. Never has there been a site allowing for a globally concise review of these companies and buyers’ experiences with these companies. That is until now. AeroRater’s goal is to collect ratings and reviews for companies within all Aviation categories. From Commercial to Military to MRO to regional, we will do this with your help. The people who rate and provide this information (Aero Raters) are just like you. In fact, they can be you. Real aviation folks looking for a way to find trustworthy companies that perform to the highest expected levels within our community.

"Aero Raters" submit reviews daily about the aviation companies they do business with. They include incredible details about their dealings, and grade their overall experience. They too have the ability to provide free-form responses detailing a company’s response time, price, professionalism, quality, and payment history.

Because AeroRater relies on its members' experiences, reviews aren't submitted anonymously. After evaluation and acceptance of an “Aero Rater”, their profile information is kept as confidential as the Rater wishes to be. But reviews are made available to the companies who have been reviewed. Since there can be positive and negative reviews, participating AeroRater companies have the ability to respond to reviews, helping to make sure site users receive important information they need to make an informative decision. Additionally, reviews are monitored and reviewed by AeroRater staff to ensure no one can unjustly provide reviews in favor of or against a company.

Through AeroRater, you have the ability to quickly and easily tell thousands of other aviation professionals about your experiences with a company. Participating companies also have the ability to advertise and provide you with detailed information about their services. That's really great news for the companies having the highest degrees of aviation integrity - and not so great news for the companies that don't.

Let’s together make AeroRater the voice in Aviation.